Friday, May 20, 2011


OK - my little "food for the soul" project has a good start. The first step was to cut the 3.5 inch blocks and sew them together to make a foundation. I used a charm pack of batiks plus some scraps.

Next step was to add the white borders. And then the fun begins. Using the little 2 inch twister ruler, I started to cut the pieces. Twist and then sew back together forming little pinwheels.

But I hit a snag - and so the rest will have to happen this weekend. I thought I had a small rotary cutter. But a thorough searching of drawers in the sewing room failed to produce it. So - tomorrow after work I'm going to buy one. That will speed up the cutting process considerably.


  1. Kewl idea! Hey, I ran across this blog from a link on Ravelry. She seems to be an arty quilter/knitter:

  2. Holy Rotary Cutters Quilt Lady, that is giong to be an awesome quilt!