Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby projects

This project came from a mistake.

My friend Sylvia has been making and gifting her "boutique burpees" for a couple of years. Both of my girls was a lucky recipient and love these absorbent burp cloths. She has been using a yummy soft hemp diaper fabric.

I ordered what I thought was a similar cotton diaper fabric to use on the back of a full body baby bib project I wanted to make. But oops - the cotton terry I ordered is way too heavy.

So after washing it (lots of shrinkage is normal), I cut it into 12 x 16" rectangles and made some burpees using Sylvia's design. Diaper fabric on one side, pretty fabric on the other - and binding just like a quilt. I have a couple of baby gifts needs for fall, so they will find a home.  I have 7 of them here, plus another few cut out and ready to bind.

At least the cotton terry isn't just sitting in my sewing room taking up space.  It isn't going to become another UFO.

Now . . . I need to find the right weight cotton flannel to make my original project.

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