Saturday, June 16, 2012

Using up some stash

There are a couple of reasons I love making pillowcases: it is fast and easy, and it uses up stash quickly.

I figure each pillowcase uses about 1 yard total, so these 3 cute jungle print pillowcases made another little dent in the idle stash.

So, counting the box of fabric I mailed to a quilter in Oregon (makes charity quilts), 4 more baby burp cloths, and these pillowcases, I'm estimating that I've done away with about 10 yards this week.  Yay!!

Add the 8 boxes of rummage sale items I'm taking to my daughter's house next week and I'm feeling some real accomplishment in terms of de-cluttering my house.  


  1. It always feels wonderful doesn't it? I love the colors in this pillow case Sara, they are so bright and cheerful!

  2. WOW....10 yards gone, that means you need to go shopping for more. lol