Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sharing my stash

I am sharing a box of fabric from my stash with another quilter. This quilter lives in Oregon and makes quilts for a charitable organization. That can be an expensive task, and I am delighted that I can share some more things with her that I'm not using. I sent some fabric earlier this spring.

Today I'm mailing a large flat rate box filled with various pieces left over from past projects that are actually fairly large. A couple of the pieces are big enough to use for the back of a child sized quilt. Lots of pastel solids and small florals.

And I'm tucking in these 3 card trick blocks I made many years ago. A little ironing, and they are ready for a new project. The whole quilt was pink and blue, but I made way more blocks than I needed for the quilt. So these were left in a drawer in my sewing room - getting wrinkled and lonely.  Maybe she can find a use for them.   

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  1. She'll find use for it all, how nice of you.