Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday Sampler

Finally finished the hand blanket stitching on this applique block for Saturday Sampler. This was the July block. I've kept up on these and the pieced blocks so far, but have fallen behind in the appliqued gingerbread people blocks. 

The pieced block for September is red and white. And the applique block (matching this one) has aqua, green, and red. I hope to get the pieced blocks done this week and then start on the applique. I'm thinking the applique one would be a perfect hand stitching project to take with me on the guild bus trip in 3 weeks.


  1. Appliqué is beautiful, but it's not something I enjoy doing. I'll knit and you can appliqué.

  2. Your Applique is Lovely...your circles are perfect!..I Love handwork too..any kind.

    Debra in Ma..also a Bonniac.