Friday, October 23, 2015

A play date with my sewing room

Yesterday I saw scissor cases on a favorite blog (Wyoming Breezes) and I just had to give this a try. I had the afternoon off and it was a perfect time to play in my sewing room.

The green case on the right side was made according to the tutorial, with the fold going the correct direction and with interfacing inside.  The case will hold a large and small scissors in the 2 front pockets and will hold a rotary cutter in the back pocket - or any combination of 3 cutting tools.  

The 3 black print cases have the fold going opposite of the instructions because I decided I wanted that black print to show more.  The upside of that is that my large scissors fit better. And I like both versions.

The 2 green ones on the left side have fusible fleece inside because I ran out of the interfacing. The fleece made them a bit too thick and so I used pearl cotton and laced up the open side instead of top stitching through all of those layers.  It worked out OK too. 

These 6 cases used up about a yard of fabric and it was all out of my stash including the buttons, except for the one button I purchased.  I even made yo-yos to put under plain black buttons on the 3 black cases. 

1 comment:

  1. Your cases are beautiful - nice job. They will make nice gifts.

    Did you notice that some of the ladies in my group squared off the tip?