Saturday, February 25, 2017

Piecing and cutting and piecing . . .

This morning has been spent piecing and cutting, and piecing. But LOTS of cutting!

This was the final pieced 12" block for the quilt.  The fabric is an over-dyed muslin and sews like a dream! It has that hand-dyed look that gives each piece look like it has some texture.

Then I pulled out the setting kit that we received a couple of months ago. I will admit that I've been a bit afraid to cut into this. The background was the scariest part, because it has very specific cutting instructions in terms of which big pieces get cut from which location on the fabric. But like any other project, once I had read through the instructions more carefully and actually started cutting it wasn't so bad.  
This quilt has an elaborate (for me) pieced border and those pieces are cut, labeled, and ready to sew.  The pieced blocks will be set on point with squares of the cream background separating them. And there are setting triangles for the edges and corners. Then the pieced borders will go on, followed by multiple solid borders. 

My pieces are all cut now except for a grey border and burgundy binding.  And I began to piece the center of one of the colored borders, which is laying on top of the setting squares in the second photo.  Not so scary after all - as long as I pay close attention to the instructions for color placement.

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  1. Looking good. . . love those colors and the pieces border segment. Reading and rereading the pattern is often the key to success.