Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Block Exchange

This whole idea was hatched by 5 of us over coffee on a Saturday morning last winter . . . getting 12 people together to make blocks for an exchange and use a "focus" fabric to tie them all together. So we went shopping and bought 12 yards of a beautiful Christmas fabric with holly leaves on it. And we put together a list of people to invite to participate. We ended up with 10 local ladies from Mitchell, 1 from Minnesota, and 1 from North Carolina.

Each of us got 1 yard of the focus fabric and the instructions to choose a 12 1/2 inch block pattern. Using the focus fabric, we had to each make 13 of that block. Then we planned to get together in late summer - have a party - and exchange our blocks so that everyone ended up with 1 block from each person.
What about the 13th block, you ask???? We are going to put that set together and donate the quilt to some charity to raffle or auction as a fundraiser. Well . . . last night most of us got together at Deb's beautiful home and had our exchange party. Mary in North Carolina even joined us via cell phone. Marilyn would describe each block as we traded and tell Mary who had made it. (Mary's set had already been given to her.) The blocks are all gorgeous, by the way!!Kelly brought cheesecake - YUM!!! And Yvonne had a wonderful idea for our charity quilt layout.

What is better than quilting friends?

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  1. a block exchange and cheesecake, what could be better? I received your fat quarters today. woohoo.....can you email me? Your comments are no reply, and if you've emailed it to me already, I'm sorry, I must have misplaced it. thanks sara..