Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In The Good Ole Summertime Quilt Swap

It's done and went in the mail on Monday. The flip flops are hand appliqued, with little duck buttons holding the ribbons down that make up the straps. I hand quilted the blue border.

I have a larger version of this pattern, with 4 sets of flip flops done in a wall hanging. One of the bathrooms in my house is done in a beach theme and has the big flip flop quilt hanging in there.

Ironically - they are just my size!!

The label on the back is a footprint. And the fabric on the back was such fun. I thought about adding a second border on the quilt with this sandpail fabric . . .


  1. So darn cute......please tell me it's coming to me in NC?

  2. Sarah, your mini-quilt is wonderful. The duck buttons, stripey flip-flops, footprint label, and handquilting all come together beautifully. Your swap partner is a lucky girl.