Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day & Night class was a blast

I had a wonderful relaxing Saturday at the Pin Cushion attending a quilt class taught by my friend Linda. She did a great job of working with a group composed of various skill levels from relative beginner to very experienced. Everyone got a lot of blocks finished.

There were 7 of us students (all strangers to me before that morning) making the Eleanor Burns "Day & Night" quilts. Some of us did them with 2 colors and a couple of the ladies did theirs with 3. None of them were alike at all . . . and all of the quilt blocks were gorgeous.

Here is my block done in red with a yellow and pink "day" fabric. There are bonus blocks made from the scraps but I'll show them another day. I have all 12 of my blocks made, set together, and have 1 of the 3 borders attached. I'll post a photo of my lap sized quilt once the other borders are on.

Now to show off the other lady's fabric choices. This one will be queen sized when she finishes - 42 blocks. The red just pops on this one.

This one is done is such a soft, rich green and cream. Very soothing with a "woodsy" feel to it. The owner of this block said she loves earth tones in her house and this will be perfect.

Bright blue and a pale blue . . . . made me think of something tropical.

Navy blue and cream . . . very elegant. This one had such a perfect contrast between day and night tones.

Pale pink and a rich burgundy batik . . . . . .

And last, but not least, this fun combination of blues and greens. The batik in this one was a great choice. And the bright blue solid just adds movement to the block. Again - very tropical feeling.

I really wish I could see everyone's quilt once they are finished. They will be spectacular!

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  1. Beautiful blocks! I just got this book and can't wait to shop for fabric! :-)