Friday, February 5, 2010

Quilting friends block exchange

Our little quilting group of friends is working on another project to raffle for a charity. This time the finished quilt will go to a scholarship program for the local high school. Many of the women in this group are educators, school board members, and definitely parents. So this seems like a great choice.

Several of the ladies went shopping together and picked out a focus fabric that we'll all use. We each got 1 yard of this focus fabric. It is a turquoise floral from the Wildflowers line. Like the Christmas project, each of the 12 of us will make 13 blocks (12 inches finished size). The 13th set of blocks will become the raffle quilt. And each of us will have 1 block from each lady in the group to make a quilt of our own. As with the other projects we've done, we also have the fun of getting together to assemble the top and do the quilting.

Here is my block. One down - 12 more to make. I hope to have some of them done this weekend.


  1. It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could be quilting and not writing these grants.

  2. I love this block and the fabric you used is beautiful! :D