Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This old quilt

I have a favorite old quilt on our bed. My mother is probably rolling over in her grave, because it would have been something she kept in the cedar chest - waiting for something special. Well, I've been using some of the things in that old cedar chest and enjoying them NOW.

In 1976, a couple of months before I graduated from South Dakota State University, my mother sent a yellow sheet to one of my friends along with instructions. Each of my friends was asked to write a message on it. Then the sheet was mailed back to Minnesota where my mom had some lady embroider and quilt it. The identity of this quilter remains a mystery to me to this day, but she embroidered butterflies all over the yellow top, embroidered every single letter of every message, added a brown border, and then hand quilted the whole thing with yellow thread. The results are lovely- and I enjoy looking at it daily and remembering the friends of my youth.

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