Sunday, June 30, 2013

End of June & a new month of goals

I thought I had set reasonable goals for June, but in reflection, maybe not.

  • Play more golf - YES (but it takes away sewing time too)
  • Have fun on the quilt shop bus trip - YES, YES, YES
  • Finish binding & label on Wildflowers quilt - Bound but still needs a label
  • Add designated row to the guild Row Robin projectYES
  • Bind & label Hugs n Kisses baby quilt - not touched!
  • Make 2 self-binding flannel baby blankets - no
  • Make 4 blocks for A Year to Crow About (then I'll be caught up) - finished 2 of the 4

  • I also got a few other small things finished or started (NewFOs):
    • Summer Poppies 60 degree table runner - cut and sewed 2, ready to quilt 1 of them
    • Baby burb cloths - finished 2, have 6 more cut out
    • Red/black wall hanging - halfway through quilting it

    So that means that some of these items will become part of my July goal list. I have a few days off in July before the craziness of school trainings, meetings, and in-services begins at the end of the month. I haven't had this many days off during the summer in years, so I must admit to enjoying some lazy days this summer when I have not accomplished much of anything.

    So with that in mind, here are my July goals:
    • spend more time with friends & family
    • put the label onto the Wildflowers quilt
    • finish my red/black wall hanging & hang it in my sewing room
    • make the 2 self-binding baby blankets (gifts for July/August babies)
    • finish my Year to Crow About blocks
    • bind Hugs n Kisses quilt
    • make 4 more Scrappy Trip Around World blocks
    • quilt and bind my Summer Poppies 60 degree table runner

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