Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun office supplies

I admit it - I am an office supply addict.  I love to browse for fun new paper, clips, sticky notes and other things that make my desk a little brighter.  And once in awhile I find something that is useful in other ways.  This is my latest find . . . Post-it tape.  I saw 3 colors including yellow, lime green, and white.  And I found a perfect use for it in my sewing room to label drawers showing what type of fabric or what project is hiding there. 


  1. Very clever! Now I am going to be looking for it. LOL

  2. Very fun - I just ordered some washi tape a few days ago to do the same thing! Might be dreaming that I'll actually be super organized in my new quilting space...

  3. Great idea - I haven't seen this tape in my area yet.