Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Mystery Quilt

Instead of beginning a new block of the month at The Pin Cushion, they decided to do a 3 month mystery quilt for Saturday Sampler.  This is going to be a 2-fabric quilt, so we needed a light and a dark.  I was going to do red and white, but this red floral has touches of gold in it so this gold dot looks much better than white would have.  I have this month's pieces all cut (including borders) and stitched.  
Can't wait to get next month's installment. This is my first mystery quilt, and patience is not my best virtue.


  1. I've never done a mystery quilt but I really enjoy following them online... I guess like to know what I'm in for! Maybe one day when I'm not buried in UFOs I'll try one and love it.

  2. I've done two mystery quilts and enjoyed making them. Using only two fabrics is a good idea. One of mine used four fabrics and the other was scrappy.