Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quilting with my credit card

This is a little glimpse of a really, really, really old UFO that is now ready to bind.

I always got a kick out of Eleanor Burns comments about "quilting with her credit card", and I've taken that to heart this month. Earlier in the month I took a large quilt and a small quilt to The Pin Cushion to be quilted.  Happily, those 2 quilts are now completely finished. Yay!

And last week I took in 3 small projects that are wall hanging or table sized.  And yesterday I got a call that they were ready to pick up. And all 3 are just beautifully quilted. Thank you to the talented ladies at The Pin Cushion!  Hopefully I can attach the binding for this one tonight after work. And that binding was also made years ago, rolled up in a zip lock bag, hanging with this project in my closet.

Two of these smaller projects (including this one) are things I made many years ago in a Thimbleberries Club.  I sewed several really pretty projects that just never got quilted - until now.

My estimate is that this one is maybe 15 years old. Shameful isn't it?  What really amazes me is that I finished the tops and made the bindings - but still never got around to getting them quilted.  That must be the nature of UFOs: so close to the finish line but never quite reaching it.


  1. Great peek! How fun to get all these quilts finished before the holidays!

  2. Bravo! I need to attack my UFO pile. . .

  3. Mom & I went with a group from Mitchell in about 2007 to visit Lynette Jensons studio. Thimbleberries was super popular a the time.