Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hawaiian appliqué progress

Last week I sandwiched my Hawaiian applique wall hanging with batting and backing. Now I'm working on the hand quilting. I've started with a quilting line 1/4" from the applique, then another 1" outside of that. My plan is to continue the "echo" quilting all the way out to the edges of the white.

The red outer border will be scalloped - I hope.  It will be my first attempt at a scalloped edge and binding. We'll see how long it takes me to get that far however. My eyes don't like needle and thread work by lamplight. Even my OTT light doesn't seem to make enough difference, so I will work on it when I have natural light coming in my windows. And having a "day job" cuts into that daylight sewing time.


  1. Hawaiian quilts are amazing, and yours looks great. I've never done appliqué, but I envy those who do. You get three Gold stars from me: one for the appliqué, one for hand quilting, and one for the scalloped edge.

  2. Sara it is going to be simply gorgeous! I am a native SDakotan(Madison), transplanted to MN 33 years ago.

  3. Tthat will be a beautiful wall hanging