Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tropical Wedding quilt

Another completed UFO to check off the list and this was a very important one. Five years ago this month my oldest daughter got married on the beach in Jamaica and this small quilt or wall hanging was the "guest book". 

The 2 flip flop blocks were signed at her bridal showers and the palm tree block was signed by those who joined us in Jamaica.

I was so determined to hand quilt this and it kept getting set aside for a number of reasons, including some hand and wrist issues about a year ago that kept me from hand quilting. This spring I pulled it out and made a promise to myself that it would be ready to give them as a 5th anniversary gift.  I have made my goal as the last stitches have gone into this finally. I'll give it to them next week when I go to babysit while they go out to dinner to celebrate the anniversary.

There are some fun details on this quilt.  The palm tree trunk has a heart with their initials embroidered into it. There are 2 sets of flip flops appliqued on the beach, along with some starfish buttons.  

The flip flop blocks have ribbon and buttons to make them 3-D.  I used that same technique on a wall quilt in the past that hangs in my beach-themed guest bathroom, and am adding the same technique to a new row robin quilt that is nearly done.  I guess I liked that flip flop design.

I can't wait to give this gift to them finally!


  1. Sara, what a wonderful quilt! I love the design and it is more meaningful with the signatures from their wedding and shower. The border fabric is adorable! I'm sure they will love it and treasure it.

  2. A perfect anniversary gift - one that will put them right back on that beach on their special day. Well done!

  3. How cute is that to put the initials in the heart. Great job!!