Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday Sampler

Month 3 of Saturday Sampler was another challenge due to the number of small pieces, but the end result so far has been worth it. And I keep reminding myself that I wanted to be challenged.

There were 28 half square triangles in this block.  Yikes! The small 6.5" version didn't want to lay flat at first so I had to experiment a bit in how I pressed it.  I'll admit that I cut the pieces one evening, sewed the HSTs another night. And pieced the big block another evening. Sunday afternoon I pieced that little one. It was just too much to do in one sitting for sure.

Now I need to catch up on the applique blocks for months 2 and 3.  I have month 2 all cut and some of the pieces are pressed/fused onto the background, ready to do some blanket stitch around them. We'll see how quickly I get back to working on them. 


  1. I like the blocks in the Saturday Sampler and the colors you are using. It's fun to see the two sizes together.

  2. Nice to see the big and little ones!