Monday, July 6, 2015

Design Wall Monday - RSC15 block #14

Lantern - that is the block name for the 14th RSC15 sampler block.  This one was so easy and I just love the look. 

Check out the Rainbow Scrap Challenge online at:  This has been a really fun project this year. Last year I just did my own thing each month with the selected color of the month. And I made a large quilt from my pigtail blocks. But this year I'm making her sampler blocks each month. Plus I've done a bit of sewing on UFO items with that color each month.

HMMM - since this month is red maybe I need to see what I have in the UFO pile that has red. There should be LOTS of choices as red is my favorite color. 

Check out what other quilters are doing at Design Wall Monday 


  1. July's birthstone is the ruby, so the red is perfect for this month. Thanks for the link to so scrappy: I like how her secondary blocks are made to tie the colors together.

  2. What a beautiful block. It turned out just beautifully. Good luck on those UFOs