Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday stash report - January 17

Nothing in this week and nothing out - at least no finishes to claim.  I've been working on the binding on the flannel quilt but since it is black binding I've limited my evening sewing on it.  I did work on individual blocks for RSC16 and Saturday Sampler, but that was about it. On Saturday I got my RSC16 column (row) put together. 

And Sunday sewing included making the last large block and planning my layout. The last appliqued floral block and the small version are left to make. Planning was complicated for this one, but finally I made some paper pieces to represent the 6 appliqued blocks, 12 large blocks, and 14 small blocks. Then I started rearranging them until I found a layout that I liked. I'm going to make some additional small blocks out of a coordinating print to go with the pieced ones. Next steps will be to play with the actual blocks.

In this week: 0 yds
In this year: 2 yds
Out this week: 0 yds
Out this year: 4.5 yds

So I'm still ahead of my stash, but not by much.  Yet!! Maybe by next weekend I'll have that binding done and can count the whole flannel quilt in the used column. 

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  1. pretty block- haven't tried laying mine out yet.