Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Status of the Stash - January 10

The only fabric purchases made so far this year . . . 1 yard of black flannel to use for binding an extra long twin sized flannel quilt and a snowman panel that was 50% off. I picked up the quilt from the long arm quilter and hopefully I'll get that binding on during this next week so I can count the whole quilt as "used" yardage. I did the machine work on that binding yesterday so now I need to trim it and then do the hand stitching. 

I finished some pillowcases this week, including this short one using a Disney Princess panel. It is just big enough to hold an 18 or 20" square pillow form.  This one may have to be mailed to my niece in Texas to give to her granddaughter since they just returned from a trip to Disney World where she had the ultimate princess experience.

In this week: 2 yds
In this year: 2 yds
Out this week: 2.5 yds
Out this year: 4.5 yds

So I'm still ahead of my stash by a little.  

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  1. My major purchase so far this year was 12 yards of wide back fabric since I recently used the last bit I had on hand for the QOV I completed before Christmas.

    The little Princess is going to love that pillowcase.