Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday stash report

I've actually USED a lot of fabric this week, but none of it will give me a finish that I can count - yet. The top for the Cottage in the Woods is done, backing is pieced, binding is made, and I've made a few more blocks for Allietare. But no finishes.

As the photo shows, Allietare is coming along slowly. I'm wishing I had stuck with Bonnie Hunter's choice of grey where my green is, or that I had picked a nice clean blue. The green is OK but I think blue would have been even better. Oh well . . . 

I do have a big quilt being quilted so hopefully I'll have another finish to count fairly soon. I'm hoping that I have something in my stash that is suitable for binding it. Guess I need to do some digging later today.

In this week: 3 yds
In this year: 5 yds
Out this week: 0 yds
Out this year: 11.5 yds

I'm still happy to be ahead of my stash. 


  1. I really like the green in your quilt. It looks fresh and cheery.

  2. Great job on staying ahead of your stash! I did really well this month and am so happy to be tracking it monthly so I can really see how much I use. I'm doing well so far and I have at least one more quilt that just needs binding and two more that need quilting, so I think I'll do well.

  3. I like the green, too. It would make a nice holiday quilt.