Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Purple Dresden Plates

I had these purple Dresden Plate sections made ages ago and stuffed into a bag. Guess that makes this a PIG (project in a grocery sack). I decided to use them on a baby quilt and this is the plan so far. 

The background is a 36" yellow square.  The purple pieces are just pinned on for now, but I plan to machine applique these with purple thread and a blanket stitch or maybe a decorative stitch. Then I think it will need a couple of purple borders - maybe a narrow dark one to stop the eye, and then a wider medium purple print. Wonder what I might find in the stash? Purple isn't a color I've used very often.


  1. It's amazing what treasures we find stuffed in bags! I just learned about the acronym "PIG"! :) Your purple Dresdens are beautiful, and I'm not a fan of purple! Looking forward to seeing what you do with these.

  2. Very pretty- like the purple and yellow together.