Friday, March 4, 2016

Ready for assembly line sewing

As usual, I can't be happy just working on a single project at one time. So, since I only had about a half hour in my sewing room last night - I got another quilt top ready to sew. 

These strip sets are all cut and ready to sew for a kid-friendly version of Yellow Brick Road. That pattern is an oldie from Atkinson that I've used several times. It is fast to prep and sew, and is really set up to use fat quarters. I had pulled out of my stash 3 bug prints, a sun print, and 2 "kind of solid" fabrics weeks ago and put those fat quarters into a bag with the pattern. 

And I cut lots more 6" squares for the baby chevron quilt that I'm working on - lots of yellow, grey, and white squares.  So I'm ready for some focused assembly line sewing this weekend when I will finally have some time in that sewing room.  I'm hoping that by Sunday night I'll have 2 flimsies done and ready to quilt. 


  1. What fun fabrics!

    I dread doing the prep work, but it always pays off when I start sewing.

  2. Looks like you'll be able to get a lot of sewing done. I like to prep so I am ready when I have time to sew. I usually have more ready than I have time, but I can always dream!