Sunday, June 5, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage catch up day

Today I got caught up with the Farm Girl Vintage blocks from a Facebook group I am in.  And I got them done in both the 12" and 6" sizes.  So I've added Churn Dash, Canning Season, Haystack, and Baking Day to my collection of blocks.

Check out what other quilter's are up to today at: 


  1. I was able to get mine caught up as well. I'm feeling great now that I have them caught up. I think I'll start another quilt!

  2. Nice job - nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when crossing something off of the "To Do" list.

    I love the 30s fabrics you're using.

  3. love your fabric choice. I have the book and when I get a little more settled want to make one too

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