Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sew-along bag

These bags have been on my radar for awhile because they are so cute. I've been seeing them online but when our LQS showed a sample earlier this month I just had to buy the pattern.

This one was my first one and I got the big zipper slightly off center, But I've decided that is OK. The inside of this little bag has 3 zippered pockets and I was amazed at how easily it went together. This one will be a gift.

I've not been happy with most of the bags I've made before this one because of the quality of my sewing. But I think I'll be making more of these because either I'm getting better or the instructions were excellent.


  1. Where could I purchase a pattern?

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  3. You made one! Yay!! Yours is so cute, too. They are easier to make then you would think, aren't they. I may start another one tomorrow.

  4. I also love the mini version, which I've been using for my handsewing. It's a free guide if you google it and you just have to use some math from the original pattern.