Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Projects around the house

Yesterday afternoon and evening was a "projects" kind of day.  

My husband touched up the painted wood trim above the porch. And then we headed to Menards - just to pick up a new temperature gauge for our grill. But then I noticed patio furniture on sale and we've wanted chairs for our front porch. So we spent a good share of the evening putting together the 2 chairs and the little table. I love the comfy look of our porch now and it gives us another shady spot to sit when the back deck is too hot.

Earlier in the day - at noon the front fell off our kitchen microwave, which is built in above the stove. The plastic brackets were both broken.  The fan on that microwave quit working about a month ago.  So we went to a local appliance store in the afternoon to buy a new one and arrange for installation next week. Our appliances are all 20 years old (original to the house) and I just know they are going to start dying one at a time. 

I'm kind of hoping we are done with little projects for a bit. 


  1. Love the new furniture. I'm sure you'll enjoy sitting outside now. It always seems the appliances start to die little by little.

  2. Beautiful porch! Perfect for doing your hand work.
    Yes, I agree, once one goes, they all go.

    Debra in Ma.

  3. The patio set looks great! I wish more places would sell assembled patio furniture.

    My appliances are starting to die, too. They were all purchased when I moved into the house in 1993. Last summer the refrigerator died, and the dishwasher and the dryer are beginning to act up a bit. Sigh, it's inly a matter of time now. . .