Sunday, July 3, 2016

June status of the stash

The month of June went by so fast that I'm not even sure what I did or didn't do. Yikes!

I do know that I donated some fabric again to a local lady who makes quilts for veterans at the VA hospitals. There are 9 yards of 6" strips in these 2 rolls. She was very excited about how many quilts she could make with these. And I was very excited that it would be used. 

The only finishes I had were small things - a bag, a pillow, a pillowcase, and a mug rug-size mini. But I'm close to having some bigger things to count. It seems like May and June had a focus on individual blocks for lots of different projects, and nothing finished. That will change soon!

In this month: 7.5 yds
In this year: 68.75 yds
Out this month: 12.5 yds
Out this year: 76.25 yds

I'm still a little bit ahead of the stash but have big ambitions to add some large numbers to that "out" column in the next month or two.


  1. The fabric you donated will bless many people!

    Congratulations on staying ahead of the stash: I know how difficult that is to accomplish. Well done.

  2. yes good feeling indeed to be ahead in the "out" category...been no buy all year...tough, very tough....

  3. I am the same way, a few small finishes and mostly blocks. I'm trying to keep up with my FGV blocks and Dangerous blocks. Not much sewing time at all! Too much camping, but that's what I enjoy as well.