Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

Feed and Seed is done. This was one of the more time consuming of the Farm Girl Vintage blocks, maybe because of all of the HSTs around the outside. It wasn't difficult to make, just kind of putzy.

I even followed the basic color scheme from the book with the aqua HSTs. The next one on my cutting table is Tumbleweed, followed by the Turkey block that I bought and downloaded. 
Yesterday I only had a couple of hours in the morning to do a little sewing since we had to venture out into the snowy weather for a doctor appointment. Just love driving 70 miles each way in bad weather!  I drove my husband to see the neurosurgeon to discuss surgical options on his neck. And his surgery is tentatively scheduled for Dec 28 to replace 2 disks in his neck. And it must be my age showing, because this surgeon looked like a kid - tiny (about 4' 11") young woman wearing gym shoes. She looks younger than my own children and actually could be.  But we liked her way of talking and explaining the options.


  1. Love the blocks - definitely one of my favorites.

    I know what you mean about doctors - nearly all of mine are young. Most younger doctors know how to connect with patients better than their predecessors.

  2. I love your block. I'm going to start Farm Girl Vintage over the Christmas period. I will sew the blocks on my 222K Featherweight.