Friday, November 11, 2016

Road trippin'

2 days, 4 friends (including me), 600 miles, some great restaurants and LOTS of fun shopping stops - that was my road trip this week. Wednesday morning we took off and headed east toward Minneapolis, equipped with coffee, comfy shoes, and our credit cards.

One of our first stops was in St Peter MN where we had lunch and explored some shops on Main Street, including a shop called Contents.  They had gorgeous season d├ęcor and gift items, but also had a good sized section devoted to kids, with quite a few "retro" items and lots of educational toys and books. 
I picked these bike streamers up for my 4 oldest grandkids. Anyone remember having these as kids?  I sure do! I loved having my streamers fluttering from the handle bars of my bike. Some fun stocking stuffers to get my Christmas shopping started.
Our next stop was a discount fabric store called SR Harris as we reached the suburbs. And I did some stash enhancement there. More about that another time.  Our last stop before a late supper was the General Store of Minnetonka. OMG!!!  That was a fun stop. More on that another time too.
The whole trip was a fun, relaxing time - lots of good conversation, didn't watch the news or read the papers - just had some fun.

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  1. You are making me curious with the teasers. . . I'm eager to hear and see more of your adventure.