Friday, February 3, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I just realized that I am definitely into "challenges" this year. There is the UFO challenge and also the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and our guild's scrap challenge. There could be more challenges coming.

During the RSC16 challenge I was making 15" Crown of Thorns blocks. I actually had 14 of them made by the end of the year using the monthly colors. That wasn't really enough to make a large quilt, so I had decided to keep making these blocks for RSC17.  Here is my newest purple January block.
Then I had the idea to split these blocks into dark and light sets to use for baby quilts for a set of twin girls. One of my daughters has a friend expecting twins this spring. So here are my 6 dark blocks making a 45" square baby quilt. The colors are brighter, more crayon bright, in person.
I also have 6 lighter, more pastel blocks done and ready for the other quilt but still need 3 more blocks to make it the same size.  The RSC17 color for February is aqua or sea green and I have pulled a perfect fabric for that one from the stash.  It feels good to have a plan for these blocks finally.
Of course this also means I may need to find another block to "play with" in 2017 for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Maybe some disappearing 4-patches, or garlic knots, or more bowties.  Or something more whimsical.  Too many options . . .


  1. Great idea for using the blocks for baby quilts.

    I'm going to participate in a couple of mystery quilts this year - both will probably be Quilts of Valor.

  2. I have always liked that block! Good deal for baby quilts.