Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UFO #8 is finished

Saturday Sampler has been one of my favorite quilt shop activities for years. Some of the projects were easy and some were challenging. Some of the projects were designs that I loved, and some were not. Some were projects I finished right away because I knew just where that quilt needed to go, and others became UFOs.  Some years I made 2 sets of blocks with a second set coming from my stash.
This Saturday Sampler was challenging, but nothing I couldn't handle. I loved the pieced blocks in both large and small sizes, but wasn't sure I wanted them mixed in with the applique blocks. There were also several gingerbread people blocks (very cute), and some wording blocks. I decided to keep the gingerbread blocks for a separate project.  But I did include the floral blocks in this quilt. I hand appliqued these, which was fairly time intensive.
The finished quilt is about 65" x 70".  I think this may be more of a display quilt, instead of a "curl up on the couch" kind of quilt.


  1. The blocks look wonderful together. I especially like the smaller blocks tucked here and there. This could easily be used as a Christmas or summer quilt. Well done!

  2. I adore the appliqued blocks in this one and the colours are cheery. You have such a good eye for choosing fabrics.

  3. I love the app!Iquemixed with the pieces blocks. That a great quilt, going to become an heirloom!

  4. Love the mix of smaller and larger blocks. Great job!