Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The wind chill is about -20 degrees below zero.  And we're anticipating the same the next 2 or 3 mornings. Yikes! 

I should be used to this since I've lived in the upper midwest my whole life. But I am dreading the task of going out to start my little car this morning. Usually my work car sits in a nice warm garage. But last night it sat outside - at a motel 100 miles from home.  I drove here through blowing snow and sleet so that I would be here this morning for a morning classroom observation and an afternoon classroom observation. Right now I'm still in my motel room working on some paperwork and wishing I didn't have to go outside at all.   I'm turning into a winter wimp!


  1. Sara,
    I am sending you warm thoughts. We are in the 30's, nothing like what you have but cold the same and as much as I love snow, I don't like wet and cold. You are a brave woman!

  2. brrr...it's cold here too, and snowy and rainy...yeah...blah