Monday, January 3, 2011

UFO #1 is complete

I have UFO #1 done - it's the Hip Holiday wall hanging that needed binding.  I finished that binding on Jan. 1, and moved on to another UFO project on Jan. 2.

The Hip Holiday wall hanging was a kit that I purchased a couple of years ago while visiting a cousin in Minneapolis.  I bought it because the fabrics really caught my eye. The background fabric features navy blue cats on ice skates and funky trees.  The border print is all ornaments and trees. I found a great backing fabric this summer that is lime green but has dark green, red, and white snowflakes. It was a good match and kind of fun.

I had finished the top earlier this year and finally decided in November that it needed to be quilted by someone other than me if it was going to get done in a timely manner. So I dropped it off at the Pin Cushion along with 4 other quilts with instructions to "quilt as desired". 

Carli did a lovely job quilting this project.  It has a large swirled pattern that really lets the fabric be the star.  I'm very pleased with the results. 

Anyone want this pattern?  I'm willing to mail it to the first person who declares an interest in a comment here.  I'm trying to pare down my pattern collection slightly by giving away the ones that I have finished with so that someone else can enjoy them as much as I have.  So . . . if you would like this pattern, just let me know.

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  1. oh, Sara, it is gorgeous! I love it and would love the pattern. See you Saturday!!