Saturday, August 20, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can check off 2 more Amish House blocks from my "to do" list. Now there are only 2 more to make.

In a post earlier this week I mentioned 15 flying geese in block 9 but I was wrong - there are 18 geese in that block but it went together fairly well. The instructions said to press open which I did when making the individual geese. But when chaining them together into the vertical row I pressed to one side so the seams nested better.

And the star block has one imperfection that I'm not happy with, but have decided to live with it. Can you spy it?


  1. Hi Sara, please stop by and visit the Quilting Ranny for a chance to win a Blessing Bracelet!

  2. Nice blocks! I just love those houses and flying geese. I'm sewing on 'All About Me' from a kit/class at Fat Quarter Quilting. All this cutting!!! (I did it at the shop. NOT the fun part.) Any suggestions to fan the flame of my desire to create quilts without 6 hours of cutting fabric?

  3. Not gonna say anything about imperfections... if you have an imperfection it means you are doing something and not just sitting around doing nothing. I love both blocks... just as they are!

    Thanks for sharing...