Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meeting a blogging friend

I had the opportunity to meet a blogging friend yesterday. Moneik (from the Rapid City area) came to the eastern part of the state with friends to attend the 2011 Quilts and Vines event. We discussed trying to meet there, but I wasn't sure if we would find each other in the crowd of people or the large area. But Moneik was one of the first people I saw when my daughter and I got off the shuttle bus at the Strawbale Winery!!

It is really fun to spy someone you've only seen pictures of and realize you do recognize them. Moneik actually knows my sister-in-law through quilting in Rapid City so we had a connection already and both started reading each other's blogs. Now we havea "real" connection too in addition to the virtual one! What fun!

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