Thursday, June 8, 2017

Donation project

Picking up a quilt from your long arm quilter is always exciting, right?  I stopped into The Pin Cushion today to pick up needles and a new bottle of Best Press. And the bonus was that the group/donation project quilt that I dropped off a week or so ago was ready to be picked up. And the quilting is just gorgeous.  This is a design I will request again for my own quilts.  Thanks for the recommendation ladies!!

I've explained before how this quilt came to be.  A group of 12 of us each made a set of 13 identical blocks which had to include that brown floral focus fabric. Then we got together and exchanged the blocks so we each had 1 block from everyone.  The 13th set - this one - was put together and will be donated locally.  We had originally talked about donating it to the local school district scholarship committee for their annual raffle/auction fundraiser. 
It just needs binding and a label now, and then we can hand it over to the committee if that is what the group decides we still want to do. 


  1. What a clever idea to make the 13th set into a donation quilt. Making one extra block would hardly take any time, but the result is fabulous. I do love that pantograph design.

    Kudos to everyone who made this quilt possible.

  2. Such a pretty quilt it will be hard to give it up!!