Friday, October 30, 2009

No quilting until Sunday

My sewing room will have to remain dark until Sunday afternoon. Last night I met both of my girls at a bridal shop in Sioux Falls to watch Jerilyn start the dress hunt. She found one that she loves, but we have a couple more appointments at other shops tomorrow. And she had Laura try on a ton of bridesmaid dresses while we were there. We found a couple of fun bridesmaid dresses and she'll have to make a decision quickly since one of them has to be shipped to Australia. Her cousin Steph will be the other bridesmaid and is coming from the other side of the globe for the big event.

The girls have such different tastes, and are having very different weddings. Laura's will be fairly formal at Christmas (coming very soon). Jerilyn's will be small and informal on the beach in April. Both will be beautiful brides of course!

I have to say however that the planning is backwards. We should be going to Jamaica in December and Sioux Falls in April. Oh well . . .

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