Sunday, October 25, 2009

On my design wall

Here is a glimpse of my frosty quilt blocks up on my design wall. I have approximately half of the blocks sewn and have been placing them up randomly, which is my plan for the final design. My flannel wall isn't large enoug for the whole thing however, so when I get all of the blocks done I'll probably lay them out on my living room floor to make final decisions about placement.

So far I'm loving it. My thoughts are that I'll add a dark narrow border and then a wider border of either the white or a light blue. Maybe even add a little snowflake type applique to that border.

Taking a break from sewing blue and put the binding on a Christmas table runner while watching the Vikings game on TV. This little table runner pattern is done with a border print cut on a 60 degree angle. It takes a yard and a half of fabric. The border print on both selvage sides makes the runner and the center section of fabric will do the back and binding. I have a couple more border print fabrics that I plan to use to make more.

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