Friday, February 4, 2011

South Dakota winter

Here is how I just spent my lunch hour - photographing the snow in our yard with my husband. He has coworkers in their Houston office who have shared photos today of the ice and snow they are "enjoying".  He just felt the need to show them our beautiful winter day in return. 

And actually it IS a beautiful winter day - sunshine, upper 20's, no wind. But that will change tomorrow when we are expecting sleet in the morning and 2-4 more inches of snow in the afternoon.  Wednesday was 30 below zero wind chills.  South Dakota - Land of Infinite Variety!


  1. wow, we've got sleet and rain today...i'm glad they finished out the school day here, we already have lots to make up

  2. Can't believe you helped me and still had time to take pictures and update your blog. :) mmf

  3. Bring on Spring!!! no snow in the UK but it is windy and forecast for rain tomorrow.