Sunday, February 20, 2011

Successful Saturday

I can check off another UFO from my list. This French Braid quilt was partially done - all 4 braids were made 4 years ago when I bought the book and the fabric kit for this quilt. But then it was put away and I don't remember why.
But the top is now done and it is ready to be quilted as soon as I find a suitable backing. This particular quilt has met my expectations. I fell in love with the border fabric which is a large floral with golds and blues and greens. And whoever selected the coordinating fabrics for the braids did a great job in matching the colors found in the floral. The blue seemed to be an odd touch at first, but I definitely like the end result.


  1. wow, that is it

  2. I found it!!! It's even more beautiful than I imagined! The border fabric, in my mind, IS PERFECT!!! Love it, love it, love it! If, anything would inspire me to make a quilt, this would be it. Congratulations on this one. It would have hurt me to give it away. ;)