Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another supersashing & more rain

Home for lunch on this cold rainy day. Not sure how many in a row this is, but I'm SICK of wet cold weather! Folks north of us are getting snow again, so it could be worse.

So I decided to post a photo of the 3rd supersashing I finished up Sunday evening. I now have 3 blocks framed - each with a different large "supersash".

If I frame 5 of the original 12 blocks like this, then I need only 3 extra blocks (15 total) to make a medium sized quilt. If I frame 7 blocks like this then I'll need to make 9 extras (21 total) and it will make a full sized quilt.

HMMM? Which option will I choose? It will ultimately depend on how much fabric I have left.

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