Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UFOs lost & found

It is kind of scary when Ifind things I had completely forgotten about. These red, black, and white blocks were tucked away in my sewing room and I stumbled on them while doing a little cleaning over the weekend. I have block of various sizes and shapes with a narrow black strip dividing them. I love the red popping out of these blocks.

This is a UFO with a birth date going back at least 6 years. I've added blocks over time, but then put it away altogether for some reason. I know the plan had been to keep adding some smaller blocks to keep building on the asymetrical look.

It is now hanging up closer to the front so that it becomes a WIP again soon. And that single block with no red in it may need a face lift. Maybe the littlest triangle needs to become red.


  1. Ha, me too! I'm currently finishing a 6 year old UFO. But it's a great feeling to finish them :)

  2. You should give this to daughter #2 when it's finished. :)