Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super-sashing start

Due to the luck of finding some additional yardage of the Wildflower fabrics - I've made a decision on the layout of the friendship exchange blocks. I stopped into the Fabric City shop in Rapid City last week while there for a conference. And they have this little "discount" room with all kinds of items on sale. And there were several bolts of Wildflower in that discount room, so I bought enough of several pieces to use the Super-Sashing layout for this quilt.

A couple of years ago our Saturday Sampler program featured a fun asymmetrical layout. We did our 12 blocks, but also included some extra blocks. Then several of the blocks are framed with this super-sized sashing - each one a unique pattern.

I've made one extra block so far, and also framed 2 of the exchange blocks in super-sashing. So I need to make the rest of the extra blocks, and put together the rest of the super-sashing sets.

It's a great start, and my goal is to have the top finished by the end of April.


  1. I love both your blocks, but that top one really caught my eye. You do beautiful work.

  2. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Glad you were able to find some more wildflowers fabrics at FC. That's the shop I work at/make samples for now.