Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Sampler block 2

Wishin' for Spring - that is the name of the current Saturday Sampler program at The Pin Cushion. I chose the batik colorway this time and I really love sewing on batiks. Plus I love the colors.

These blocks will be set on point.  The first block was a very simple design and did not "jump out" with a spring theme. But this one definitely looks like flowers budding out to me.

One of the best things about a Saturday Sampler program is the aniticipation as each new block is added. Sometimes I've really felt early on that I wasn't going to like the end result. And then - SURPRISE - the end result is beautiful.

The bonus block this month is red, green, cream and I really like that color combination. So hopefully I will get a bonus block made so that I have a chance to win the blocks.

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