Thursday, July 5, 2012

Larger Ditty Bag

My cousin sent me a picture the other day of a very cute knitting bag that she saw online.  Her suggestion was that I could make my ditty bags bigger to be used in the same way.

The original pattern used an 18" square of 2 fabrics and you end up with the small bag that is about 8" tall and has 2 pockets inside.  I use this one when I go play golf because it is just the right size to hold my cell phone, little wallet, lip balm, glasses, and car keys.

So I tried using 24" squares and ended up with a bag that is almost 12" tall.  And depending on how you fold them, the width can vary quite a bit. 

And my friend Pam mentioned that she is making some for her daughter to use in her work as an occupational therapist to hold small pieces (such as blocks) that she uses with kids.  Sounds to me like this is a very versatile pattern!

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  1. Way to get on this, Sara! Very nice ditties . . I think you should market and sell these to fiber shops with your new seller ID "My Clever Cousin".