Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress on binding

My only weekend sewing activity was working on some bindings.  This was my first one because it was small and the binding was ready to go. It really is not very large - just slightly larger than a placemat would be.

This little table topper is about half the size of the pattern and the original plan. There was supposed to be a solid purple on each end with appliqued flowers and leaves. I made the decision that this would remain a UFO forever it I had to do that. So it has become a "lesser version" - but it is finished!!!  I will probably give this one away as a gift rather than use it myself.

My other weekend binding was to do the handstitching on these 5 baby burpees. I needed some girly ones and some boy ones as baby gifts coming up soon for a niece and a cousin's grandbaby. I now have a little stack ready to choose from when the time comes.

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