Friday, July 6, 2012

Scraps become string blocks

I have been trying to not waste the scraps I have left from my various projects.  I've cut some scraps into 5" and 2.5" squares and storing those in containers for some future inspiration.  Some of it goes to my scrap bin to use for string blocks. And as you can see, my scrap bin has become invisible under the huge pile of scraps. 

Last winter I put together a small quilt top using 24 string blocks with lime green center strips.  I bought the lime green and the muslin. But all of the other fabric was from my scrap bin.  Well since then I've cleaned out some fabric from the drawers in my sewing room.  I gave away some of the larger pieces, and the small scraps I put in the bin. And that explains part of the reason this bin is overflowing again.

So I've started another string quilt.  These blocks have a black center, and again I purchased enought black to use in 48 blocks. So this will either make a bigger quilt or 2 small ones. And I purchased muslin. I really love making these blocks because they are fast and simple, but also because I can keep one going on my table and just run another strip through in between other items.

Once the muslin is completely covered, then it is squared up to 9.5".  And voila - a new block is born. 

I must give credit to the Heart Strings project for this idea.  My first string quilt was mailed to Mary, and she quilted it and then donated it through Heart Strings.  She has all of the instructions on her web site, so check out the link to see how you can contribute blocks, tops, backs, etc.

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  1. wow, that's a scrap bin.....I sew my stings onto paper......thinking about it now, muslin would be easier, though all i have to thicker muslin right now