Thursday, April 28, 2016

105 and 106 . . . and counting

Here is April block number 105 - a green Crown of Thorns.

That number is so deceptive since most of those blocks were 2", 3" and 6" blocks. But these Crown of Thorns blocks are 15" and now there are 8 of them.

Also last night I made one more block for my Allietare (Bonnie Hunter mystery) that keeps plugging along slowly.  That was 106 and there are LOTS more of those ready to sew.  No photo of that one, sorry.  Maybe I'm aiming for some kind of record in the number of blocks made in a month - at least a personal record.

On a side note we had just under 3" of rain yesterday and it's still raining today. I had an in-service planned at a high school today postponed because of rain. This is a "small school" thing - when the track team is gone it takes most of the kids in the high school so the district had just planned for no students there today and having a teacher in-service at the high school. But because of the weather today that track meet was postponed to next Thursday, along with the in-service. Luckily I had the date open so I could reschedule too. The very organized superintendent is also the track coach and he had emailed me already at 6:30 am about the changes.  So . . . I have an unexpected office day today.


  1. Love the bright green in this block.

    I taught at a small school so I know how sports can affect classroom time, especially when the teams in this area have to travel great distances. We attempted classes on those days, but it was basically busy work or a day for students to make up missing work.

  2. I just love your Crown of Thorn blocks! I have never counted the number of blocks I have made in a month~ you have a very impressive total! Have a good evening!